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Smoke (rings) Gets In Your Eyes…

First of all, no... I am NOT that good with an airbrush... smoke rings are Mike Grant decals. Something a bit different for me (it wasn't built in Germany) ;) - The Hase 1/48 Mc-205 Veltro. Added a bunch of Eduard P-E, some modified QB resin e[...]

Lindberg F-11 Tiger

This is my latest model, Lindberg F-11 Tiger. I did it as a presentation model.

Monogram 1/48th A-4 Skyhawk

The venerable old "Scooter" adorned with a various mixture of decals from the stash, not intended to represent any aircraft in particular. As long as I had the new 'tarmac' base out, I figured I'd wash the dust off the old girl and let her have [...]

1/48th AM F4F Wildcat

What we have here is your basic, run-of-the-mill Wildcat....nothing special about it other than the fact I just fashioned a new tarmac base from an old piece of poster board and wanted to see how it would look. Thank you for your indulgence.

Ready to start building again!

Well after a move up the coast, trauma from incompetent movers, lots of work the smaller West Seattle man cave (Man cubby?) is ready to build in. Flipped a coin between the USS Livermore and the great 109 kit I won here last month, and as the fa[...]

Gotta keep up with the Seitz’s…1/48 P-40’s I got….

start with this'un, a 57th FG "Scorpion", a Hasegawa "K". I believe the pilot's name was Overcash, a successful Ace. Turns out this decal sheet I used was not entirely accurate, but the skull is still cool. This Sand over Olive Drab scheme is f[...]

1/72 Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin

This model is special to me, because I actually flew in the real one several times "back in the day." "Seashell-5" (her call sign) was with VP-40 for most of her career. I most particularly remember the most interesting mission the Marlin ever[...]

1:32 scale Trumpeter P-47D-15-Re, “Thunderbolt”

Restarting a long stalled project from the "Shelf of DOOM".... After building the Hasegawa kit, (Which is a fine model by the way) I decided to get into THIS kit, because other than the old Revell offering, it's the only 1:32 scale 'Razerback" T[...]

1:32 scale, Hasegawa P-47M-1-Re, “Thunderbolt”

This is another one of my "Jugs" that currently reside at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, NY. I think between Koppos and myself, we have a few there... ;). It's a big model, so before you get into building her, make sure you have [...]

Tamiya 1:48 scale Republic P-47M-1-Re, “Thunderbolt”

Another fine model from Tamiya. I won't go into a whole bit about HOW great this kit is, but suffice to say, it's awesome. The upper surfaces of the model are painted in Model Master Enamels, in a very VERY dark blue, which looks almost black. [...]