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repost! maybe a decent modeler, but a terrible photogragher!

trying more light! still dont think its enough. again 1/32 109 g-2.

1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang LOU IV – In progress

Hi, Tamiya s new P-51D has got his decals. You can see all construction images from "Work in Progress-Aircraft" section. Happy modelling

1/48 A-4E

This is a Hobbycraft kit finished with Humbrol enamels and CAM decals. It's a basic, solid, mostly accurate kit.

1/48 A-4F

This is a Hobbycraft Scooter kit finished with Humbrol paints and Cutting Edge decals. I'm a big fan of the HC A-4s. A bit less detailed, but alot cheaper then Hasegawa Scooters. They also come complete with a large array of weapons.

Trumpeter 1/32 F-100D Super Sabre

North American first began thinking about making a supersonic fighter in 1948. There were two ways to go at the time: a very big fighter powered by a very big engine, or Something Else, something only dimly seen at the time. Being at that time[...]

1/48 Monogram B-24H (Converted from J) German Captured “Sunshine”

Ever since I have been a little boy I was infatuated with captured aircraft whether it was for the good or bad of the United States. This plane would be my first captured aircraft that I have built, I chose this one for many reasons, the story b[...]

The wait is over for Bill Koppos’s Third-favorite model…..

of all far. I never said it had to be one of my best models, just a favorite. The P-40 happens to be my favorite airplane so it's appropriate. It is the first model since my return to the hobby I considered "pretty good" and just alw[...]

1/48 Tamiya P47D “Bushmasters” 78th FS/15th FG 7th AF Hawaiian Islands

Hi Everyone Tamiya P47D Razorback Superscale Decals 48-664 Tamiya & Alclad Paints Comments welcome!! Thanks Darren

1/48 Tamiya P47D “Formation Monitor” 467th BG 1944

Hi Everyone Another formation monitor, this P47 flown by CO Col. Shower, fully armed and kept in good condition. Tamiya Kit Superscale Decals 48-1170 Tamiya/Gunze Paints Thanks Darren

Camouflage and Markings of the Bristol Beaufighter

Britain's lack of long-range heavy fighters at the outbreak of the war was undoubtedly a source of embarrassment to the RAF. Single-engined interceptors such as the Hurricane and Spitfire lacked the endurance for effective standing patrols, an[...]