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1/32 Fisher F9F-2, F9F-5 Panthers

As anyone who has seen any of Paul Fisher's kits knows, they are among the best resin kits made, worth every penny they cost. They are so well-designed that any modeler with any level of experience who takes their time, is virtually guaranteed [...]

Meet our March winners

Here is a brief summary of our March activity, a month that brought no fewer than 160 new articles and 1037 comments at iModeler. It is my pleasure today to announce the winning entries in our monthly contest. iModeler Best in Show - March 2013[...]

Arii 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat, converted to a -5.

I converted the venerable Arii/Otaki F6F-3 to a -5 by filling in the rear quarter windows, sanding off the exhaust fairings, and added sheet plastic to depict metal plates fixed to the underside of the flaps (which protected the fabric-covered f[...]

Gloster F.9/37

My father has finished another two models. In this case is related with the Gloster F.9/37, also known as the Gloster G.39, He did the L8002 and L7999 which represent the Gloster F.9/37 with the different engines. Here are the photos [...]

Some Helicopters

Hello Here are the photos of our sub collection of helicopters which inlcudes these ones 1) Westland-Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly. Prototype VW209. In December 1946 an agreement was signed between Westland Aircraft and Sikorsky to allow a [...]

Monogram 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback “Zirkus Rosarius”

This was my attempt at another captured aircraft, this one I don't think came out as well as my b-24H but it came out fair. I used the other copy of this plane on here as a reference but this one isn't nearly as detailed partially because monogr[...]

Beware! My first Plane ever! Revell B-25J Mitchell 1/48

So yes this is my first plane I ever constructed, As you can tell this is probably the worst thing you have ever seen, but I keep it to show myself how much I have improved since this plane. I literally spent two days building this because I use[...]

Testors 1/48 Spad 13C.1

So this was my first bi-plane, and in my opinion it has come out absolutely horrid (Mainly because of the decals). I probably could have prevented this because I didn't have the patience to wait for the decals to completely dry on the plane befo[...]

Hawker Hunter 1/48 Academy

Here is my rendition of the amazing Hawker Hunter,it gets back to my interest in depicting well known aircraft but operated by lesser known airforces,there's a pint in it for anyone who recognises the markings but you'll have to show up at my lo[...]

A-36 Impaler

Stolen in early 1944 by an escaped Romanian officer from an Allied forward base in Italy-on a dark and stormy night. Flown at wave top level across the Adriatic to a hidden location in the area of Transylvania, where it was re-marked and modifie[...]