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Built this one about ten or so years ago. As always, I started out with the intention of a quick build but the next thing you know, it just got away from me. The trailer is an old Italeri piece that had been sitting in a spares box since the 1[...]

Today in Stockholm, part 6

More examples of some exquisite mud, dirt, grime and rusty metal seen today at the armor tables of the 08-Open contest in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 5

Continuing our coverage of the weekend's modeling venue Stockholm, here are some highlights from the armor categories...

Hasegawa 1/32 Scale Bf 109 G-4 Trop

Hello All, This is my first post on iModeler. I've been on an "Axis Kick" as of late-I’ve got 7 different 1/32nd scale models going right now: Bf 109 E-4/7, G-2, K-4, FW 190 A-4, D-9 Ki-84, Ki-61 (Yes I suffer from Modeling ADHD!). Since I enj[...]

Airfix early Spit….

When this kit first came out I was happy to get an early model Spit with a two blader, my favorite version. It turned out to be kind of toylike, "soft" looking somehow. I dunno maybe my head is soft. The "straight" canopy lid provided had an arm[...]

1/48 Spitfire Mk.I

This is an Airfix kit finished with Humbrol enamels over Tamiya lacquer aluminum. The roundels are from Superscale. The kit is a bit thick and chunky in areas, but is an easy route to a very early Spitfire. Built with care, it looks the part [...]

Italeri 1/35 M-24 Chaffee (Backdated)

Had this kit laying in the stash for quite a while. Saw the movie "Bridge at Remagen" and got inspired to build it. Funny, two months after I built this, Bronco announces it is releasing an early version Chaffee. The Italeri kit is more of a [...]

P-38s @ Chino Today

Earlier this week, the question was asked,. "Do you want to fly with the P-38s this weekend?" Of course, there's only one answer to that: Hell Yes!! Of course, one must always ask the Weather God whether that will be allowed. This morning it[...]

Look what the UPS man brought!

Finally broke down and got the new Academy F-4B, I had been waiting for a state of the art Phantom for years, and this looks to be it. I know this bird has been reviewed to death, but one thing I never saw in the reviews I read, and something th[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109-G6

Purchased this kit when it was first released somewhere in the mid nineties (I think). It was my first experience with using resin detail parts. Cockpit is the OOP KMC kit which was absolutely fabulous in that it just dropped in without any ha[...]