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Meteor prototype 1/48 Tamiya

This is my rendition of Tamiya's Meteor prototype,as usual with Tamiya it is a superb kit and I can vouch for the accuracy as this actual aircraft was on permanent display in the aircraft museum at RAF Cosford,although last time I was there it s[...]

Another Monogram Panther

Tom's fine looking Panther and great story inspired me to dig up a few pics of my modest effort. An older build that finally made it out to the airport. This is the 1/48 Panther, painted with MM gloss dark blue. I would've liked to take more [...]

Royce Williams’ Mig-killer Panther

By rights, Grumman F9F-5 Panther BuNo 125459 should be the most famous Panther of all, and her pilot, Lieutenant Royce Williams, the most famous Panther pilot of all. However, immediately after the event for which this acclaim should have been[...]

Trumpeter MiG-15 in 1/32 scale

This one is an early (very early) Trumpeter release, generously given to me by a friend who chickened out when he opened the box. This is not intended to be unfair to Trumpeter, who have given us some superb kits, but like with any 'new boy' the[...]

Testors ME-163 Komet\ Tamiya Kettenkrad

I built this diorama to depict Major Wolfgang Spate's komet On his first mission in the komet his crew had painted his plane bright red in honor of Manfred Von Rictoffen (red baron). Wolfgang was not amused and after an unsuccessful mission he[...]

Lindberg Convair XYF Pogo experimental vtol aircraft

The lindberg Pogo kit is pretty bad warped parts more flash than parts and horrific decals (had to use spares) but I love the subject matter This was first time using the alclad paints all in all a fun build

Sepecat Jaguar

I don't remember what kit this is maybe Italeri This one depicts the retirement scheme of the Royal Air Force the last Jaguar built by Sepecat It only took a week to build than 6 weeks to wait for the decals coming from the UK

Mitsubishi Ki-46 (Dinah)

I think this was a Tamiya kit but not sure I chose a heavily worn scheme on this one and tried something different by first painting it silver than chipping off paint to expose the silver I think it worked pretty well would love some feed back[...]

Roden 1\48th OV-! Mohawk

This was my first Roden kit not too bad good fits and decent detail there was some flash but it came off easily I would recommend this kit to any Viet Nam era fans Got the inspiration for this build at the Planes of Fame museum in Chino CA

Tamiya 1\48th Bristol Beaufighter

Tamiya beaufighter (and yes this one is Tamiya) built this one out of the box always loved the lines on this plane fun build