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Academy (Easy kit) 1/144th SU-25 Frogfoot

The SU-25 Frogfoot is the Russian equivalent of the USAF A-10. It's not graceful looking, but is pretty much "purpose built". I guess that's what has always attracted me to it. In this particular case, I had little choice but to build it. [...]

Airfix Seafire F.R.47 with Cooper Details upgrade

The Seafire F.R.47 was the last of the line that began in 1935 with K5054, the Spitfire prototype. It was twice the weight of the original, with two and a half times the power and an additional 100mph in top speed, not to mention a cannon armam[...]

Seafire F.45 – Aeroclub conversion of Airfix kit

Throughout the development of the carrier-based Sea Spitfire, which was known as the Seafire, developments in the land-based series of fighters were reflected in approximate naval equivalents. The first of the Griffon-powered Seafires was the M[...]

Hasegawa 1/32 J2M3 Raiden

I built this kit a little over two years ago. Most likely the most sublime Hasegawa model kit I've built to date. The only additions were a PE seat harness from Eduard and some colored wires added to the radio. The antennae wire is stretched sp[...]

The Unforgettable Airfix Box art by Roy Cross (video)

Something for Valentine Day - a selection of pictures from a book that will transport you to those glory days...

Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IXc (early)

Had not the RAF been able to bring a new Spitfire into combat in the summer of 1942 to face the Fw-190A that could outfly the Spitfire V on every point but turning circle, the war over Northern Europe would have likely taken a different[...]

Supermarine Seafire Mk47 WW2 1939-1947

With the war in Europe now over and in a world where nuclear technology has never been developed the war against Japan rumbles on, the British government keen to reduce some of its crippling debt and in a bit of uncharacteristic showing off is s[...]

1/48th Tamiya F4U-1A

The Tamiya 1/48th Corsair kits (F4U-1, -1A and -1D) are extremely nice to work with and go together smoothly. I'd rank them as the best Corsair kits available in that scale. The plane I've modeled is a FG-1A (Goodyear produced) Corsair in the m[...]

Academy 1:48 F-15E

Hello everybody! This is my last build, the huge Strike Eagle. Buildind this beast took some time, dry fitting, sanding and filling is essential to achieve a decent finish, especially on intakes and fuselage-wings join. The weapon loadout is hu[...]

Model of the Year 2014 – 12 Plastic Kits that Define the Shape of the Hobby Industry

Held every February in Nuremberg, Germany, Spielwarenmesse is the world’s leading fair for the toy and hobby industry with about 2,800 exhibitors from 60 nations. One of the highlights in the hobby section of the show is the announcement of Mod[...]