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1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 3

A little progress on the Impala Mk 2 scratch build, progress has been a little slow due to work commitments but a bit has been done since the last post, Added a little paint, and scratch built the fuel tanks. Busy with all the control surfaces a[...]

1/32 Revell 109G-10 Erla “Black 13”

not my usual fare.............. I added a few Barracudacal goodies and painted with Mr Hobby / Tamiya acrylicsv, Tamiya AS12 , Future Gloss & Xtracrylix Flat. Thanks Darren

The end: “Sleepytimegal. “

This brings us to the end of building this 1/24 scale P-51D conversion to the P-51B model. I recall drawing the name of "SLEEPYTIMEGAL" on a piece of artist "Frisket" film, then cutting the name out and then applying the film to the model and[...]

So I had this crazy idea

Posted this in a couple of places. I have the Tamiya 1/32 P-51K kit, it comes with rocket tubes and the correct drop tanks to paint red. I always loved this box art that is loosely based on Arctic birds based in Keflavik. What if I made a mod[...]

OV-10D Bronco in “VF-84 tribute” paint scheme

It took me about 8 months to finish this Bronco in my favorite navy camouflage. If you wonder why I made up this scheme - this is my last build for my friend and he did not want to get Bronco in desert or boring gray camouflage scheme. I know he[...]

P-39 Airacobra Kitty Hawk

Another model goes to my shelf. This time, a design that appears at competitions quite sporadically, namely the P-39 Airacobra. The model itself is quite nice, but I added Eduard plates, HGW belts, Master barrels and Eduard exhaust pipes. Markin[...]

PTO builds you say?

I'm in with my classic Monogram SBD, built as close to intended by the gang in Morton Grove as I could, then my Monogram TBD, with some scratchbuilt details, and my Tamiya 1/32 Corsair! I actually think the SBD is my favorite, brought back sooo[...]

1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D

My recently completed Corsair with a few extras added. Unfortunately the aerial rigging got washed out in the photo, but it's there. This was a wonderful model to build.

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 2

Time for a little update on the Impala Mk2 or commonly known as the MB 326 K. Did a little detail work this past week end and built the DEFA30mm cannon, Ammunition Draw as well as the gun sight, I really enjoy scratch building the details, usin[...]

WWI pilot and observer

I love biplanes and even more, I love painting figures, so I have been collecting all the RFC figures I can find and slapping on the paint so they can liven up my biplane models. This pair now sit with my Wingnut Wings RE8 in Australian markings[...]