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Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 12

Here we go again, I was sitting at my work bench un-motivated and lacking any inspiration what so ever, started paging through some reference material, and decided to do some camouflage on the upper surface of the model, well, it didn't stop the[...]

Soldado alemán Q-version de yufan models

1/32 Sopwith Camel BR.1by Wingnut Wings

As promised in my last article I finally completed my Wingnut Wings (WnW) Sopwith Camel. before I get into the actual I’m going to preface this with the fact that I did not try to build this model as accurate as possible. I took some liberties[...]

Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 11

Here we go again, some more progress reports for you interested guys out there, Started with the spoilers and added the flaps to the F1 one of the spoilers will be open to show some detail, did a lot more scribing and riveting and will be ready[...]

Wingnut wings 1/32 Albatros D.V interior

I just finished Albatros’s interior. And I fully rigged control line.

Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 10

Well its time for another up date on the F1 project for all you die hard followers out there, it has made for some interesting progress the last few days, here is a basic outline of what I have done, as you all know, I'm sure, everything is scra[...]

The Israeli knife, Avia S-199 “Sakeen”

Welcome everyone! My most recent job was this 1:32 scale Revell Me-109G-6 model and I purchased the conversion kit of the Czech AML (no.32006). The model was sprayed with Gunze paints and the colors were mixed by myself. History: The S-199 is[...]

Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 9

Well, its time for another update, I spent 2 weekends getting the undercarriage built, doesn't sound difficult, but this has been the most challenging part of the build, the undercarriage on the F1 has always been the focal point of the aircraf[...]

Messerschmitt’s ‘Destroyer’

So, back with another selection of photos... this kit was finished at the beginning of this year and is Dragon's 32nd scale Bf110C-7 kit finished as a C-4 during the Battle of Britain. All the control surfaces are moulded in neutral, so I start[...]

Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 8

Yes, its time for another progress report on the F1, After joining the wings and sanding to get the fuselage smooth, I started to scribe the elevators and the vertical stabilizer, then I added rivets. I then had the urge to paint the elevators [...]