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Classic Revell 1/32 P-38J Rescue Kit

This kit was going into the dumpster and the hobby shop owner asked if I wanted it. It had been started with tube glue. The cockpit and nose guns were firmly glued in place. Yet I took this and another 1/32 kit home. Having never built one b[...]

WNW Ships Camel 2F.1 N6602 HMS. Furious

1:32 Tamiya, Alclad II, printing ink and Vallejo paints Model Kasten rigging Gaspatch 1:48 turnbuckles Duro pitot wires Prop : Oils over acrylic

1/32 scale WnW AEG G.IV (late)

Hi... with some time on my hands this evening, I've finally got around to posting these images of my AEG G.IV. This kit was completed before the start of the 'Imperial German...' group build, so couldn't be included. No matter, this was certai[...]

Wingnut Wings Swansong – Halberstadt Cl.II (Late) 1/32

It was a sad day when I learned that Wingnut Wings was closing down for good. I greatly enjoyed building those superb kits over the years. Alas, I only had the late Halberstadt in my stash when the news arrived, so this build is my final farew[...]

1/32 Wingnut Wings Sopwith Triplane (Collishaw Edition)

Raymond Collishaw was a top Canadian RNAF/RAF ace pilot who along with the plane he flew and his famous "Black" Flight helped the British recover from the demoralizing days of "Bloody April" in 1917. His personal history is done by better write[...]

1/32 Monogram ProModeler (Hasegawa) Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4 Trop (Schwarze 1, Oblt. Franz Schiess)

This is my firs article on iModeler, so it's a great pleasure to share this few pics with all the distinguished members of this community! I can't remember exactly when I started this project, but it must have been in the early 2000s. It was as[...]

Roland DVIa

I built this 1/32 WNW Roland DVIa few years ago. The idea was to do a diorama with pilots, mechanics and other things. I started building the cart but then I started a new project and.... Looking at the model now, I think there are still some de[...]

Fokker EV 1/32

Micro Mir, Aviattic and Pheon decals, Gaspatch Spandau, Tamiya, and me...

North American F6-D

Presented for your consideration is my build of Tamiya’s P-51 D/K Mustang in 1/32 scale. This is the first model that I’ve built in this scale since I was a teenager. Back then, to teenager me, the bigger the model, the better. Of course in thos[...]

1/32 Spanish Bf-109F-4 from 21st Century Toys

This is a model that was built from a kit from 21st Century Toys. In case you have never heard of them, this company made "die-cast", already built and painted model aircraft in 1/32 and and 1/18 scales in the 1990s. They later sold their 1/3[...]