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ARVN M41 Walker Bulldog

The M41 Walker Bulldog, officially known as 76-mm Gun Tank M41, was produced by the Cadillac Motor Car Company division of General Motors from 1951 to 1954. Originally built as a light tank replacement for the WWII-era M24 Chaffee, it was [...]

Review: Takom 1/35 AH-64 Apache Review

1/35 Moebius Jupiter 2 from TV show Lost in Space

This next build was a commissioned build of the Moebius 1/35 scale Jupiter 2 from the TV show “Lost in Space” The client supplied the kit and all the accessories he would like added to the kit. The TV show ran from 1965 to 1968 and was [...]

Review: Border 1/35 DKM Type VII-C U-Boat Review

T-72B3, Captured, Kharkiv Oblast Summer 2022

Let's start talking about the T-72 by talking about the T-90 instead. Having first seen service in 1973, the T-72 has experienced a multitude of evolutions and developments. Ultimately, the improvements have been codified into a totally [...]

Mörser Karl III (Thor) in 1:35 (Trumpeter)

Short history: The Karl Gerät, also called Mörser Karl was developed by Rheinmetall in the 1930-ies. It is basically a 21 road wheel strengthened tank chassis featured of a 60cm heavy mortar, mainly used to break sieges. Here is a [...]

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AFV Club, 1/35, IDF, Magach 6 B Gal

Finally comes to it's end: AFV Club, 1/35, IDF, Magach 6 B Gal An excellent model, highly recommended!

Jeep Willys MB 4x4. Tamiya 1/35

The classic Jeep Willys from Tamiya. Fun little kit. Added the Eduard photoetch set (110 pieces), so took a little longer than expected but adds some nice detail. Many of the PE pieces go unseen. Made an antenna from a piece of toothpick [...]

1/35 Tamiya Merkava Mk.I

Getting back into armor kits, here is the old Tamiya Merkava straight out of the box with stowage from the spares bin and an orange tissue paper identification tarp. Painted with a rattle can and weathered with chalk pastels and Vallejo [...]