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Trumpeter 1/35 280mm K5(E) Leopold Railroad gun

Another Trumpeter winner, positioned with 1/72 Dora railroad gun. It is hard to believe that the Dora was twice as big as the formidable Leopold. No building issues with this kit. Highly recommend

HobbyBoss 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.F (VK 18.01)

I'm finally up to date on my posts here. The Versuchskampffahrzeug (abbreviated to VK or Vs.Kfz.) is a German term meaning "research/experimental fighting vehicle". Used in the names of some German experimental or prototype [...]

Meng Leopard C2 more progress

Well, another spurt today. Body painted (tried preshading), wheels and tires painted and added. Just need to repair the parts I ham fistedly knocked off doing the turret! Next I'm going to try and get some figures for her...

Meng C2 Mexas with Dozer Progress

Well, at long last I've been able to do a small amount of modelling. This is the turret from my Meng Leopard C2 Mexas. It's got the thermal clad turret, which is a replacement one. I can't remember which manufacturer, but I do know it [...]

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Rheintochter R1

Although it did not reach operational service, the Rheintochter surface to air missile was well into its experimental stages. The development program however, was terminated towards the end of the War. The kit represents a mobile version [...]

Panzergrenadiers of the 12th Panzer Division SS Hitlerjugend, Normandy, June 1944 Alpine Miniatures 1/35

Hello dear fellow modellers! After a long time, I managed to finish another piece, this time it is the armored grenadiers of the Hitlerjugend division. I reached for figures from the company Alpine miniatures, for the production of the mat [...]

Tamiya 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F

It was time to get back to a Tamiya kit again.. I picked up this classic 1971 tooled kit last year. I wish I had built this kit when I started modelling as a kid. It’s a great starter kit OOTB. Inexpensive & easy to build. If [...]

1/35 Katapult Walter Schleuderrohr (V-1 Launch ramp)

Katapult Walter Schleuderrohr.

VW Typ 87 from CMK

Good morning everyone and greetings to the forum members. This time I wanted to show you a quick (and small) project that I used to practice some painting and wethering techniques. The kit, in 1/35 scale, is from CMK. It doesn't come with [...]


Ciao, here a small diorama with an Hetzer by Academy; the kit was very nice to built and paint. Also in this case my son made the idea and the base of dio in particulary the stones wall, he collect all the stones and glue one by one. The [...]