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F-14a vf-154 ”black knights”

Beatiful aircraft but in 1/48 they are a lot better easier model kit than hasegawa. Especially in the wheel bays many fit issues and generaly needs a lot of work and putty. The aircraft painted it with Gunze colors and Winsor varnish. The friend[...]

1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A VFC-12 Fighting Omars

Hello everyone, This is my 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A in “ambush” splinter scheme. Gunze Mr. Hobby paints and flat clear with MLT used. Gloss coat is with future. Lastly, decals are from Furball Aero-Design decals. Oh and lots of Tamiya tape too. Lol.

1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A Topgun 46

I chose the Blue splinter scheme for this hornet. Paint used is Gunze acrylics and Fightertown Decals. Hope you like it. Thanks, Eric