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24-hour build: Airfix 1/72 Wildcat

On one of the other modelling forums I frequent, there's an annual Group Build in which participants build an unstarted kit of their choice in a 24-hour period. Frequent updates have to be posted, with progress photos taken including a timepiec[...]

Eurofighter Ghost Tiger Revell 1/72

Hello again imodelers, this is the Eurofighter Ghost Tiger, new model from revell, as you can see I chose the in flight version for the first time ever, so the buid it self was shorter than normal (no landing gear) Decals the most time consumin[...]

92 Squadron Spitfire Mk. 1a GR-U

Hi folks, I built this Airfix Spit for my nephew as a Christmas present a year ago, after we watched Dunkirk in the theater. The following is from the little blurb I wrote for him, scavenging various information from the internet--I've left out[...]

German King Tiger Tank

This is a very nice 1/72 scale model to build with no problems at all. Everything fit together and all I did was lightly sand the parts that fit to another part. I have used thin super glue since 1985 and their gap filling glue only. The box ar[...]


YOU GUESSED IT.......I had to go out in my back yard and get more sandstone for this model. A million guys could come over and get a piece of my sandstone and there will still be enought stone for another couple of million models. If you don't [...]

China Dog

There isn't much to say about this, it's the Hasegawa 1/72 F-86D Sabre Dog finished in RoCAF markings. It was done as a quick build after a particularly tedious/difficult project and it was just the tonic- straightforward, great fit and nice de[...]

Messerschmitt ME-109 K-4 German WW2 military aircraft 1/72 scale model

Messerschmitt ME-109 K-4 German WW2 1/72 scale military aircraft model, finished. 1945, Germany. Technical data: built out of Revell kit + scratchbuild cockpit. Building hours: 80

1/72 Trumpeter M1A1 Mine Cleaning Tank

After I built my Patton tank in 1998 I continued to build more of armor models. Here's another one that I built in February, 2016. The real tank had what they called a "Blade Cleaning System " attached to the front of the big tank. I never seen[...]

Heller 1/72 Lockheed EC-121 “Warning Star”

BIG ! This is a large, old kit, that shows both it's size and age. There are several aftermarket kits, for those who want to upgrade. Mine is straight from the box. There are few parts, but a lot of plastic, and it takes a lot of weight to h[...]

A “Ford” I Like

We all run into those kits that for one reason or another turns into a challenge to complete and takes much longer than anticipated. Well this one turned out to be one of those for me. I won’t bore you with the details except to say that Walthe[...]