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modeling in 1:16 scale

Trumpeter 1/16 SU-100, or “How to determine your workbench is level for only 200 dollars”

Originally, this was to be a large, substantial article about the large and substantial 1/16 scale SU-100 assault gun from Trumpeter. Fate intervened and decided instead to teach me the value of having a one-hundred-and-ten-percent level [...]

Almost scratch-built armored car

This was built on the 1/16 scale Mercedes two seat race car. Not a prototype but my rendition of some of the early armored cars. Most of these were a one off built at the local boiler maker shop. I used the chassis and the rest is sheet [...]

You call-We haul! USCG 41' Utility Boat 1976

In retirement I've been catching up with building models of units I served on while on active duty. My latest build is a 1:16th scale model of a typical USCG 41' utility boat. Found at every Coast Guard station, the 41' UTB was state of [...]

11″ Dahlgren Naval Gun 1/16 Scale

The Dahlgren Cannon was chosen by ship designer John Ericsson to arm his breakthrough design of the ironclad USS MONITOR. The MONITOR's 29' revolving turret carried two of these huge rifled guns that were capable of firing a variety of [...]

Gotha WD-13 Seaplane 1/16 Scratchbuilt…

Hi, I'm back 🙂 I was away for a long time because of this baby nearly for a year. On January (last year) my friend asked about 1/16 scratchbuilt this sea plane for his collection. I tried to explain to him that not much information [...]

verlinden 120mm Navy-Marine pilot

German MG 42 Gunner

Tamiya 1/16

1937 Cord 1/16th scale

This is another vehicle I built on commission for the same gentleman. He provided the complete kit which was the Entex 1/16th scale kit from 1960. Let me first say that the true color of the model is that which is shown in last photo,the [...]

Revell 1/16 Gene Snow’s Snowman ’72 Charger Funny Car

I just love the old Revell 1/16 scale funny car kits. I remember when this kit came out. I was about 9 years old and being in north Texas we are not too far from Gene Snow's shop in Ft Worth. Anyway, there was a store kinda like Wal-Mart [...]


tamiya 1/16