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War Loot, Ardennes, January 1945, 1/35

I arrived another piece, this time it is a vignette from Ardennes, from the forest Azette, there the Germans pretty caught, the figures are old I do not know who (either Warriors or Jaguar), roots, mosses, leafing, turf, snow, icing, icicles. ..[...]

Whippet MK A , Meng , 1/35 .

Abandoned, sci-fi, rusty Whippet !

1/35 “M-47 Patton Tank.”

Some time in 1998 I bought this kit which was my very first tank model. I have no record of who made the kit but I can say that it was very easy to build right "o.o.b." I painted the track with some steel paint because real tanks wore off any f[...]

Winter in Luxembourg

Started two-and-a-half years ago, then parked on the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' until about four weeks ago. Kit is the old but still OK'ish'  Italeri kit - but the later re-box with the WWII tracks. It went together fairly well, but the suspensio[...]

Panzer V Panther. Müncheberg division. Berlin, april 1945.

Hi all. This is a 1/35 scale Italeri reference that has surprised me. A good mould and very good details, a little PE and a good representation of a final Panther. It represent a Müncheberg division Panther, at the end of the war. Hope you lik[...]

AFV CLUB IDF M-730 Chaparral 1/35

Another model, in my endless project of IDF's M-113 versions, comes to it's end. This time it's the AFV Club M-730 Chaparral in 1/35 scale. colors and weathering effects mostly by Ammo-Mig. Have a great weekend, Guys!!

T-34/85 from Academy

Greetings to all forum members. On this occasion I wanted to show you a quick project without big aggregates. It is the T-34/85 of Academy, in 1/35. It is a very simple kit and easy to assemble, with a very good lace pieces. The detail is adequ[...]

Hammy und Heidi MAIM Front 46 Gefechstroboter Hammerschlag Schwabenland Army 1/35

Hello! What if, this is my first job on science fiction. Who would have liked to try myself in an area that was unknown to me. Well, we managed to get this together. I hope like it.

Ugly & reliable

The Churchill certainly isn’t going to win any beauty pageants.. And is been said that it got some laughs from the Americans and even the Germans at Dieppe snickered at its appearance and fairly weak gun.. it was till later Mk.’s things sta[...]

Highway of death

I have been trying out different techniques and diorama design styles for some time now. Been working out on the 'Damaged scattered' look, and car damaged look. Haven't been able to decide on a possible diorama look but been working on variation[...]