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Airfix 1:48 Spitfire Mk.XIV

Here is my newly completed Airfix Mk.XIV Spitfire. With the new kit coming out, I decided to re-do the John Wilkinson Spitfire I built a few years back when John was still alive. This is the model I always wanted to build but the 1:72 Sword kit [...]

Hasegawa 1:48 CF-104D

CF-104D, Lockheed model 583-04-15, Lockheed construction number 583A-5303, RCAF serial number 12633, Mk.1 (Dual Training Aircraft), built by Lockheed. Taken on service March 23, 1962; it served the 448 Test Squadron "Central Experimental and Pro[...]

Airfix Ju87 Stuka from the Battle of Britain (1:48 scale)

This is part two of my new series on the Battle of Britain (which has just started with part 1 - the Spitfire - in the new edition of Model Airplane International, out now). This is the superb Airfix Ju87 B-1 Stuka, built as an aircraft from 7.[...]

Tamiya 1:48 P-38G,339th FS/347th FG USAAF, Guadalcanal, 1943

this is Tamiya's new P-38F/G. I can't say enough good, no GREAT, things about this kit. the engineers/designers deserve big raises, for the gear bay doors alone, if not for the rest of the way the kit goes together. though the kit is well de[...]

Not another Mustang! Or:”That’s a Mustang … isn’t it?”

"This is a mustang or?" Strange that such a question arises with such a well-known aircraft icon as the P-51 Mustang! But this particular P-51 actually gives reason to ponder: as familiar as the contours may seem at first glance, a closer look r[...]

Revell 1:48 F-104G (CF-104) 417Sq. Cold Lake, Alberta

A nice kit with a few issues. The instructions want you to join the forward fuselage halves together first, then join the rear halves together and then put the two together as one. Do this and you'll have a whacking great seam to deal with. Glue[...]

Do I really need another Spitfire in my collection? Oh, yes! (or: how an old dream came true)

To the fortunately unasked question of whether "another Spitfire" is really necessary, I would answer: of course! One reason for this lies in the enormous range of what "Spitfire" can mean, as a Mk.I has very little in common with, say, a Mk. XI[...]

TAMIYA 1:48 F4U-1a Corsair

Ciao a tutti, dopo aver osservato per parecchio tempo un po' intimorito i modelli contenuti in questo sito, ho trovato il coraggio di pubblicare questa realizzazione che mi era stata commissionata e per la quale confesso di aver "rubato" idee an[...]

Revell 1:48 F-104G

This is an RCAF 441 Sqn CF-104. This aircraft wore this scheme for the 30th anniversary of CFB Baden Soellingen, Germany. I built it using the Revell boxing of the "Tiger Meet" and this came with god awful yellow sprues. I'm building another NMF[...]

Revell of Germany, (Accurate Miniatures) 1:48 Scale IL-2, “Stormovik”

The first for the new year, 2020, is this Revell of Germany, Ilyushin Il-2, Stormovik. Actually this is a repop of the Accurate Minatures kit, and is STILL a very nice kit, albeit a wee bit fiddley overall. The kit itself builds well, and I f[...]