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Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F

Found this kit in the local toy store. It was a spontaneous idea to join the Matchbox Group Build on Scalemates. Saw, bought and built the model within 2.5 hours. The idea was to paint the whole thing with the paint brush without using the [...]

1/76 Matchbox Char B1 bis & Renault FT-17Belgium, 14-16 May 1940

Here is the amazing Matchbox diorama from 1983! Tanks are built straight from the box for the most part. Paints are all Humbrol enamels and the decals came from the old kit.

Airfix 1/76 DUKW

Hi everyone! This is my Airfix 1/76 DUKW, built as a participant to David Kopielski's @davids_models inspiring Naval Ships and Boats GB. In order to solve the problem of resupplying units having just performed an amphibious landing, Rod [...]

Classic Kit: Matchbox 1/76 Jadgpanther Tweaked Just a Bit

I really like Matchbox 1/76 armor (armour) kits. The kits were made by a different hand because they do not exhibit the heavy engraving of their aircraft kits. This is my second attempt at building this kit. I used pastels to dust it up [...]

Valentine tank (North Africa 1942) , FUJIMI 1/76

This old Fujimi kit, was harder to build , than i was thinking. Enough details and very small parts and the most difficult stage was the tracks. This happens in all Fujimi kits, in 1/76 family. I am thinking to use this tank in a diorama. [...]

SA-2 Guideline{S-75} SAM, Airfix 1/76. A Thud Drivers worse nightmare.

SA-2 Gudeline or a Thud drivers worse nightmare. A few years ago I found this rare kit by chance in an old hobby shop called Dave's that since has closed. It's straight out of the box, I added a windshield using clear package material. The [...]

Afrika Korps 88mm Gun and Tractor

I’ve always wanted to build a 88mm on its wheels, and was glad to see this in my preferred scale of 1/72 (1/76 is close enough) for $7.99 at an Austin hobby store a couple of weeks ago. I painted the completed assemblies Panzer Grey to [...]


Just built these 2 for my son who wants to build a "D-Day" themed diorama (meaning i'll end up attempting it) Straight from the box, few parts (but some very tiny). The only thing i wish i had changed is on the Jeep. That is the [...]

KV-1 tank, Red Army 1/76

The old kit from Fujimi in 1/76 scale

Airfix 00, Scammel tank transporter, six wheeled tractor.

I didn't plan on building the tractor, having used the trailer for a previous build, modifying it to suit. My stash is actually down to three kits, I figure to deplete it altogether and build as I buy. I didn't want to leave this one [...]