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2018 Build review – the ones that got finished last year

This is what I finished in 2018, not the amount I had hoped for but pleased with the outcome. The Stuka and the Macchi were part of the North Africa campain GB. The Mirage 2000-C a late entry to the Year of the Cat GB. The Harrier offcourse for [...]

2018 review

Decided on a group shot, except for the Big E, and Hawk 75. Hope that this year is smooth sailing for everyone!

My 2018 builds

Happy new year to all Here are a brief story of my builds in 2018. 1- 1/48 Tamiya P-47D "Vonnie" 2- 1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109 G2 3- 1/32 Eduard P-40N Warhawk "Lulu Belle" 4- 1/32 Trumpeter P-47N "Chautauqua" 5- 1/32 Hasegawa Focke Wulf Fw-190A6/R11 6[...]

2018 – A Modeling Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone! May this year be better than the last, and I wish us all success and health in our upcoming year. We had a lot of wonderful Group Builds that happened this year. To begin with we finished up the Year of the Cat. Then we[...]

All My 2018 Builds

To deal with a tendency to take so long on projects that their inspiration date expiration dates, I set a goal to complete 12 projects in 2018. Even though a couple were in progress at the beginning of the year, it took some careful planning (n[...]

My 2018

Only 2 completions for the year, Monogram TBD Devastator and my recently completed Academy F-4B. Of course most of the year was dominated by the damnable RFM Panther G. I guess I will try again on that thing late this year....

2019 – I hope it will be a happy new year for all modelers, my models completed in 2018.

All 1/72 aircraft, the Year of the Cat GB - Academy / Red Roo PB2B Catalina, Hobby Boss HAS3 Lynx, Sword EE F1 Lightning, Italeri Mil Mi 24D, Italeri S70B2 Sea Hawk, Italeri BAe Hawk 127, -- RAF 100 GB - Airfix BAC Jet Provost T4, Revell / Itale[...]

2018…I actually finished something this year!

I always looks at everyone's year in review compendiums with awe at both the quality and quantity. This is the first year I have ever finished more than one build. I counted it up and I was amazed that I actually finished 7. Its a Christmas m[...]

Year in Review

I was looking back at the past year’s work, and see I ‘lost’ three months at the beginning of the year on my HMB Endeavour project, but was glad I did it. The middle part of the year was dominated by biplane projects, and in the Autumn period i[...]