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My 2020 in review

Hi all, happy New Year! Just a quick one on what 2020 brought for me. I seriously lacked modeling time :( but did manage to finish three models this year: 1. Aco dei Fileni, Lybia (scratch) This must have been the longest build I ever endeavour[...]

My 2020 builds

These are the four builds I completed in 2020. I posted the Rafale build earlier this year and the three Me 262s are the subjects of a work-in-progress thread ( and I'll post the final pictures here soon. I had hoped to finish a few other builds[...]

My 2020 Builds…

Finished 15 this year - pleased with that. Happy Holidays, Richard All my models:

My 2020 Builds

Quite a mixed bag for the year. Mainly aircraft, some What Ifs and conversions and a single wheeled vehicle. All are 1/72 except for two of the airliners and the C-17A