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2021 Catalog from Italeri, and…

Italeri has released a 2021 catalog which has a few new tools, as well as some re-pop's, and "Super-Decal" options. See the catalog here: But what I really came here to share is a surprising release for 2021... from Tamiya, with a new-tool [...]

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An interesting story for you tankers, WWII tanks being saved in Belarus

A story of how some people turned their hobby into a business, follow this link I'm sure some of you tankers (you know who you are) will enjoy reading about this small team in Belarus who are saving and restoring WWII tanks.

The doctor is in…

The doctor is in. In many of the threads I've have contributed to recently I have picked up on several quirks, oddities, complaints, philosophical questions, and existential wrestling, plus the occasional rant from this wonderful brotherhoo[...]

The First Time

How many remember their first time? No, not that first time, but the first time you sat down with a model kit. Well here is my first time. I was about the age of my avatar when my mother purchased this Aurora kit for me. It was the late 1950s [...]

Jacked up

This was a tire change to our plane before flying on it to the Caribbean in 2013

Friday Briefing


Pictures (especially from my camera) cannot do justice to seeing a total eclipse with the naked MK1 eyeball. The hue the atmosphere takes on while having a sunset 360 degrees around you is indescribable. It's one of those things you have to exp[...]

What to build next ?

This guys is my entire stash, all of it, that's the lot ,I know some guys who have literally hundreds of kits but not me ,as a rule I buy a kit I want to build and then I build it but even with that policy you will inevitably end up with a few e[...]

Crossing the finish line….

Well, here she is, Monogram's classic "Lil Coffin". The original was designed by Dave Stuckey, and was an award winner at the 1963 Oakland custom car show. According to Thomas Graham's history of the company, Monogram's Roger Harney was admiri[...]