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Icareodesign 1/32 Scale Extra 330-SC

Here we go again, I received this wonderful little kit from Nita at Icaerodesign, It arrived in a really small box, that was filled with the most wonderful Resin castings that I have seen in a long time, not to mention the White metal and Phot[...]

Display cabinets, Aircraft, Bikes, Cars.

Photo 1 the left side of my main cabinet with ADF aircraft and swing wing aircraft, Photo 2 the left side of my first cabinet with aerobatic aircraft, vertical take off and helicopters, Photo 3 the right side of my first cabinet with aerobatic a[...]

CAC CA 30 MB 326H Macchi, A7-014, Roulettes, CFS RAAF East Sale Vic 1981.

1/72 Supermodel, my first Macchi, with Pavla MB WY6AM seats, I added some detail to the cockpit, modified the nose wheel, tail bump and jet pipe, finished in Model Master, Tamiya X6 over Floquil reefer orange enamels, Roodecal and Future. The bl[...]

DHA Vampire T 35, A79-637, Telstars, CFS RAAF East Sale Vic 1966.

1/72 Airfix, my third Vampire, I fitted nav' lights and antennae, finished in Model Master enamels with Future over kit and Daves decals.

Gloster F 8 Meteor, A77-875, Meteorites, 75 Sqn RAAF Williamtown NSW 1956.

1/72 Xtrakit, my third Meteor, with Pavla MB1 seat, finished in Humbrol enamel 11, 19, Tamiya X14 and details in Model Master metalizers with Red Roo decals and Future.