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This winter diorama is made using Miniart's Russian Field Kitchen (Winter) set, Tamiya's German Assault Infantry set (Winter), and Trumpeter's Aerosan (posted recently in its own right during WiP stage). The Russian boy and Snowman are a [...]

Soviet Armoured Aerosan NKL-26

This is Trumpeter's 1/35 armoured aerosan. The original was made of plywood with a 10mm armour plate to the front only. It had a ring-mounted 7.62 DT machine gun, and was powered by an M11G aircraft engine. It had a crew of two, and often [...]

Soviet Aerosan diorama

I got a commission from a military magazine to build a diorama with three different Aerosans. The deadline was short, I started the build last Tuesday and finished it yesterday with one day to spare... Phew! The kits are from Trumpeter, [...]

1/35, Soviet Armored Aerosan NKL-26

The Aerosan series of armed snow mobiles is not to be laughed off. In the harsh Russian winters of WWII, the Army needed mobile support even in tough snowy conditions. Earlier Aerosan versions had automotive engines and open cockpits. [...]