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Alley Cat model kits

Hot-Rod Hien, the last of the breed.

Sooner or later, all good fighters need an upgrade. The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien JAAF fighter was still running around with a Diamler Benz DB 601 copy in 1944, which had gone out with the Bf109E model in 1941. The Ha-140 was the [...]

Focke Wulf Ta154 A2/U4 Nightfighter.

Converted from the Dragon 1/48th kit using the Alley Cat resin conversion set.

COVID No. 13. AlleyCat CAC Boomerang

My final covid build for 2020?. This a resin kit. Overall I was pleased when it was completed. The Boomerang was a panic development fighter from the Wirraway by the Aussies at the beginning of the war. It did not have much air to air [...]

Montex 1/32 Yak-1b

Of the many types of warplanes used by the Soviet Air Forces during the Second World War, the most celebrated, successful and widely-used were the series of fighters by the design bureau led by Alexander Sergei Yakovlev. Though they lacked [...]

Alley Cat 1/48 deHavilland Vampire F.3 all-resin kit

Unlike the Gloster Meteor ‑ which was always intended to be an operational fighter ‑ the deHavilland Vampire began as an experimental aircraft, originally developed to specification E6/41, to test the deHavilland Halford H.1 jet [...]

Montex (now Alley Cat) 1/32 Hawker Fury I

This is the 1/32 resin Hawker Fury I, originally released five years ago by Montex. The kit designer now has his own company, Silver Wings. Montex sold their kits a year ago to Alley Cat, where they are now available. This is the most [...]