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Amt 1/48 p-40n

So my grandson and I are at the Lunken Airport open house last spring and we're watching the B-17 Aluminum Overcast giving rides. And wouldn't you know it some of the folks selling souvenirs that day also have some models to sell. I hate when th[...]

1936 Ford Street Rod

AMT 1936 Ford. 1/25th. Kit from the 60's that has recently been rereleased. Latest release version has globs of molded plastic on the bottom side like a resin slush mold that needed clean up before any building could start. a couple days worth o[...]

1/48 AMT A-20C Havoc/Boston III

My second A-20, the first was a G model and it was so bad my grandson took it home where it shortly crashed on takeoff. I used the long range aux tank on this one as I assumed it was needed to get them to the MTO. Had some issues with silvering [...]

1/48 AMT A-20B Havoc

Long time no post so here's my latest in the A-20 Havoc line of aircraft. Seems I have an unusual attraction to the A-20. To date I've built the C and G models and now the B for your review. Seems that most B's went to the Russians so I marked t[...]

AMT ’66 Nova locked and loaded.

I finally finished it. I received this kit in a plastic bag a couple of months ago right after finishing an aircraft model and I was ready for a change of pace. This is almost an OOB build as I only added the roll cage, the hood pins, the headli[...]

“Flattery” 1929 Ford Pickup

Well I’m back again, have been busy with a lot of projects. I got another request to build of all things, a 1929 Ford. This time it is a pickup truck. This request differs from the “Little Woodie from [email protected]#$%.” In that this request is from a v[...]

In for a long haul

1/24 scale Freightliner from AMT. The kit rear view mirrors were a fail so I need to scratch build some.

1/25 AMT Model T Farm Truck

Howdy, Made this out of one of the many umpteen reissues of the venerable AMT Model T kit. About the only changes I made was to construct a bench seat and bed from various wooden stir sticks. Weathered with graphite, pastels and Tamiya weat[...]

The little Woodie from H#@%*

This is a study of what not to ever do and I did it. I almost took a trip to the GG Bridge, not for me, but to thrown this POS over the side and into the Bay. I got a call to build a model of a 1929 Ford woodie. It is an AMT 1/24th scale kit. [...]

1/48 amt p-40f

This is my humble contribution to the P-40 fest. I like these AMT P-40s and think they look really good as long as you close the canopies. I added drop tank shackles from a Hasegawa kit because I wanted to show the clean lines of the Merlin pow[...]