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Last P-40Es

The P-40E-1/Kittyhawk IA flown by CAPT Andrew Reynolds of the 49th FG is actually a Kittyhawk IA - the Lend-Lease version of the P-40E-1. When the 49th FG arrived in Australia in March 1942, there was not much attention paid to whether the P-40[...]

AMTech P-40F-15 Warhawk

The AMTech (ex-AMT) P-40F with the resin corrected nose AMTech provided in their kit to fix the wrong nose the kit had. I don't remember whose resin cockpit this is, but the decals were by Aeromaster. The scheme is the "early desert scheme" of[...]

1/25 AMT ’66 Nova Pro Street

Well... It has been a very long time since I have posted on here last. I purchased this car when I was down in Kentucky at a hobby lobby way back in Feb. I finally finished up with this last semester at college and the first thing I wanted to do[...]

1962 Chevrolet Bel Air

This is my latest completion done as a mild custom/street machine. All the emblems have been removed. It has been lowered using blocks in the rear & modified spindles in front. Engine is a 409 from the kit with modified air cleaners & [...]

AMT’s 1/48 F7F-3N Tigercat

Well, not only do I love vintage jets, but I'm also a s****r for anything with a round engine! (Hearing EAA's B-17 flying around yesterday got me thinking about it again!)I think the Tigercat ranks among the best looking of them all! (Well, may[...]

1/48 AMT Douglas A-20

this model represents an A-20 of the 66th BS of the 416 BG it was the the former, "Miss Laid" which was the first A-20 to complete 100 missions without a failure or an abort. In lieu of this accomplishment it was re-names "La France Libre" at a[...]

AMT A-20 for a Guest of the Club

As part of being a club member from IPMS Ocala is getting to meet some very interesting people. This person is F.L(Tony) Svore who was an A-20 Pilot with The Roaring 20's 312th Bomb Group 386th Bomb squadron in the Pacific. I first met him at Th[...]

AMT/Airfix Eagle transporter

I picked this kit up at a show the other week for a fiver,it was part built and required taking apart and tidying up before rebuilding and painting but I think it turned out O.K. The kit itself is very basic even toylike having only 38 parts an[...]

Cruise Missle ?

This is a conversion from AMT's 1961 Ford Starliner to a Sunliner using "Replica & Miniatures of Maryland's" conversion kit. This kit consists of the convertible boot, rear seat doglegs & sunvisor. The builder needs to cut the hardtop's [...]

AMT 1/48 F7F Tiger cat

OK, here we go again. Let's see if this works. I built this kit many years ago and found it to be an excellent kit. The only problem I found with it was the rubber tires. I sure that anyone that had built one of these or similar had a problem w[...]