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Anigrand all resin 1/72 MiG-31 Firefox

When this movie came out in 1982, I just had to have a model of the Firefox. Now, thanks to Anigrand and Rare-Plane Detective's booth at the Colorado Nats, I finally have one. The kit is fairly simple, consisting of appx. 26 parts, including a[...]

Anigrand resin 1/72d North American AJ-2 Savage

Another recent escapee from my "shelf of doom" is this 1/72d scale AJ-2 Savage. I picked up this kit at the last IPMS/USA National in Columbus Ohio and worked on it off and on till last month when I decided to finish it up. There were no major p[...]


This is my model of the 1:72 Anigrand "SEAMASTER" nuclear bomber. The kit is of resin construction and can be built as the XP6M-1 or as the PGM-2 models. It was my first resin aircraft kit and it's a huge leap from the days of vacuform aircraft [...]
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