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Supermarine Attacker

Obviously pregnant, but a fighting lady! Supermarine Attacker FB.2

There are aircraft that, once seen, are remembered. This does not require the expert eye of an aeronautical engineer, nor is it due to the fame of a long or spectacular operational history, nor is it due to a particularly aesthetically [...]

Supermarine Attacker FB.2 (1/144 Miniwing + Shelf Oddity)

Tail wheeled operational jet fighter? Exactly how many other were there? Long development period (initial specs issued in 1944) leveraged by short career in Royal Navy (1950-1954 in frontline service, taken out in 1957), equally short in [...]

Continuing the FAA theme: Trumpeter 1/48 Supermarine Attacker F.B.2

One of the oddest-looking jets of all, the Supermarine Attacker F.B.2. There's only one other "conventional gear" Jet, the Yak-15. The airplane has been done in 1/48 by a very good Falcon vacuform in around 1989, a Classic [...]

Supermarine Attacker from Trumpeter in 1/48 scale

Still keen on the Fleet Air Arm; I've just finished one of Trumpeter's latest. The Attacker didn't quite make its mark as noticeably as the USN Banshee & Panther although similar in performance. The tailwheel undercarriage wasn't a [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 Attacker

To get back to my two main interests ie anything Israeli and post war fleet air arm here is my rendition of the Supermarine Attacker from Trumpeter.Two problems with this kit , the first being the canopy which should have a substantial [...]