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Bored at the “phoney war”? A very special Bf 108 Taifun!

As fascinating as the Bf 108 Taifun is as an aircraft, the motivation to build this model this time clearly came from the paint scheme. As soon as I saw this special Taifun, I knew which of the five marking variants of the Eduard Profipack I wan[...]

A Bf 108 over Africa- and this without the Afrikakorps! D-IBMY on the podium of the 1937 oasis flight

An aircraft as iconic as the Bf 108 is matched by an equally iconic colour scheme: the blue "RLM 24" and the classic forms of Messerschmitt's groundbreaking first all-metal aircraft form a combination that is still memorable today and thus has a[...]

“Big Brother is watching” or: a Bf 108 Taifun as birthday present for my dear brother

A first look at the present depiction of a Bf 08 Taifun will quickly make the expert frown, because neither the identification on the fuselage nor those on the wings seem to make sense or should even be brought into line with a real example. Thi[...]