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Revell B-57B Canberra 1/72

I love to buy old lots on eBay, and this kit was one I built when I was a boy. It is a VERY toy-like kit - no panel detail, no cockpit to speak of, and the whole tail section "slotted" into the back end leaving huge gaps (any others out there r[...]

1/72 SAAF Canberra

Morne Meyer's outstanding Canberra inspired me to share mine. This is the 1/72 "little brother" to Morne's 1/48 model. I think this was the first new tool kit that Hornby did after their takeover of Airfix. The shapes are good,it assembles ea[...]

English Electric B(I) Mk.12 Canberra

In 1963 the South African Air Force (SAAF) procured six B(I) Mk.12 Canberra interdictors and three T. Mk.4's from Britain. Initially the Canberra was seen as an interim measure until the arrival of Hawker-Siddeley Buccaneers in 1965. The SAAF us[...]

Airfix 1/48 scale Canberra PR 9 by Tony Prince

This was one of the many Canberra variants produced by Airfix when they turned over a new leaf & started making their much improved kits. Not perfect but well worth building. I was lucky enough to pick it up at our local IPMS club for a mere[...]
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