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“Princess Elizabeth” at Chino 2010

Ran across these shots of "Princess Elizabeth" at Chino back in 2010. This airplane was returned to The Fighter Collection this year and has been seen at the Duxford Flying Legends show. This "P-51B" really isn't one. Originally, Pete Regina [...]

A-36A at Chino in 2010

This is the A-36A owned by Tom Friedkin, after it was restored for flight by Fighter Rebuilders in 2010. The airplane is now painted like the A-36A from the 86th FBG with the mission marks all over the fuselage, one of the decal options in the [...]

Mustang madness @ Chino – more A2A

Two of the Chino P-51s, back about 10 years ago. "Susie" is now in a different scheme, but this variation on "Snooks VII" looks pretty nice. I think I was in Bob Lewis' Cessna 172, which is why Steve Hinton had to drop flaps a bit to stay with[...]

More nostalgia flights @ Chino – F4U-1 Corsair (and a Bearcat

These shots were taken from the open gunner's seat of the museum's T-6 - the best photo platform possible, turned around facing aft completely out in the open. The nice pretty blue shots were taken in November 2002, a beautiful, perfect day for[...]

Nostalgia flights @ Chino

Here's some photos taken with the Planes of Fame P-40N and P-51D back in 2004. A hazy southern California summer's day (but far better than back in the 1970s, when the smog was so bad in the Inland Empire I had to fly directly over Chino to fin[...]

Spitfires (and a Hurricane) @ Chino – 2004

Was going through the files and here are some interesting pictures of Spitfires that used to live at Chino. The P.R.XIX PM891 is of particular interest. When it retired from the Thai Air Force in 1961, the King of Thailand presented it to Ed M[...]

Golden Age Airplanes at Chino

Here is the Planes of Fame P-26, the only one in the world (of 2) that flies, also the J2F Duck and the Grumman F3F-2, which didn't fly due to an oil cooler problem. Also some fly-bys by the Northop N9M, the only flyable early flying wing in th[...]

Chino Fly-bys

Being on the announcer stand, we were above the crowd, but back from the flight line, but I did manage to get some other interesting fly-bys. The F4U-4 is in the markings of Lt. Tom Hudner of VF-32, the only Navy Medal of Honor winner in the Ko[...]

Chino flight line

There weren't just P-38s at the show yesterday. Among others not seen previously were a newly-restored P-51C in the markings of Duane Beeson's "Boise Bee" (makes sense - the airplane lives at Boise and Beeson was from Boise), a P-63A Kingcobra,[...]

P-38s on the flight line at Chino

Five flying P-38s and one F-5G that will fly - the biggest collection of Lightnings in one place in many many years. For modelers, note the upper surface color of the P-38F "Glacier Girl." That is early US Olive Drab, a green-base color matche[...]