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Classic Airframes 1/48 He-51 Legion Condor

Hello everyone, today we have the early period of the Luftwaffe - He-51. Model of Classic Airframes, quite good, but still requires work hard. The cockpit is almost completely self-made, a lot of fuss was with landing gear. Was not easy as the a[...]

Look! Up in the air! Is it a bird? A plane? A flying pig? Trumpeter 1/72 Gannet

TC does indeed build in eensy-weensy scale, just not that often. This is the Trumpeter 1/72 Gannet with the A2Zee wingfold and bomb bay sets, with Xtradecals. Sadly, about a week after it was completed, one of the new kittens was exploring and[...]

1/48 Classic Airframes Northrop F-5A

And here is the last part of my NMF TuAF jets Trilogy. This is 1/48 Classic Airframes F-5A finished few years ago with Turkish Air Force markings. This ex-Norvegian freedom fighter (5-575) was in use between mid of eighties and nineties by 5th [...]

1/48 Classic Airframes Fokker DXXI

This is Classic Airframes earlier release of the Fokker DXXI. I understand that they have released a later kit that is easier to build. This kit is the usual multi-media kit with p-e and resin parts in addition to the injection-molded pieces. Al[...]

1/48 Classic Airframes Grumman Duck

After seeing all the Wildcats with the beautiful medium blue over gray. I thought I would post pictures of my Grumman Duck. I finished it earlier this year. It was my first biplane, but I got the bug and wanted to finish a model with the over[...]

Grumman Widgeon USCG

I present my build of the Classic Airframes Widgeon. I chose the USCG markings because of its story, but also because I didn't have any WW2 era Coast Guard Aircraft in my collection. The USCG did a lot to protect the Eastern Seaboard. I am espec[...]