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1/48 F-8E Crusader

Robert Bausch's nice Crusader posted a few days back inspired me to post mine. We did the exact same thing, Esci decals on a Monogram Crusader. I added a lot of stencils too, from an old Microscale F-8 sheet. I remember shortening the main l/g[...]

Monogram 1/48 F-8E Crusader…

The Vought F-8 Crusader has always been a favorite of mine. It has to me some of the same classic look as the Hawker Hunter does. And it was one of the greatest Navy fighters ever, a fitting jet descendant of the famous Vought F4U Corsair. Vough[...]

Revell 1/48 F8E Crusader

Another recent Revell re-box of an old Monogram kit, and the result of an urge on my part to discover jets and venture into post WWII aviation modeling. One of my search parameters was that ten dollars was all I would pay-and they'd all be built[...]

Monogram 1/48 F-8E Crusader

This Crusader is of "Double Nuts" flown by CAG of CVW-5 aboard USS Hancock (CVA-19) in 1966. The kit is a 1/48 Monogram F-8E. I dropped the flying surfaces and raised the wing section. I also used AeroMaster decals," Colorful Crusaders II" # 48-[...]

The F-8E(fn) Crusader in French service 1/48 Hasegawa

Hello everyone, To continue my little series 2004-2005, I present the F-8E (FN) Crusader 1/48 Hasegawa. This model represents this great American fighter early in his career with the French Navy and specifically in testing missile Matra 530. Th[...]

A Tribute to Steve McQueen

This model started life as a 1/12th Revell "Crusader" custom chopper. Using my 1/18th Porsche 917, Steve McQueen Le Mans version (die cast) as an inspiration, I got the idea to transfer it to a chopper as a "tribute" bike. I did a little w[...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-8E Crusader #2

Here's another of my collection of F-8 Crusaders, a 1/48 Hasegawa F-8E Crusader. I finished it in the markings of a jet flown by VF-162 commanding officer CDR. Richard Bellinger from USS Oriskany, when he downed the Navy's first MiG-21 of the [...]

1:48 Monogram F8J Crusader

Here's a Crusader that I built several years ago, a Monogram F-8E that I converted to a J model, which I have ugraded over time. I added an aftermarket seat, and a flap/droop/underwing bay set by High Flight. I scribed lines on the leading edge [...]

Monogram 1/48 Scale Chance Vought F8U-2 (F-8C)

Ok, will try to not blow hard on too much History on this this “Last of the Gunfighter) famous VF-84 Navy squadron first to receive this version of the Crusader. They operated it from1959 thru 1964. according to Bert Kinsey Detail & Sca[...]

“RIDE NUNC” (Laugh Now). (Hasegawa F-8E Crusader, 1/48th scale)

This is the story of a 15-year-old running joke between Myself and the Vice President of North American Sales at Gulfstream. Raynor Reavis knew that i was a model builder, and asked me if i would build a model of the mount he flew in Vietnam[...]