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Eduard model kits

1/48 Eduard Hellcat

F6F-5 Hellcat late. Eduard. Profipack. VF-31. Lt. Cornelius N. Nooy. USS Belleau Wood. August 1945. Built out of box except for Bitskreig Hamilton Standard Prop and EZ line for aerial. Primary paint: Vallejo model air gloss sea [...]

Sino-Japanese War...1/48 Polikarpov I-16 Type 10, Chinese Nationalist Airforce

The second of three I-16 my dad finished since the new year started. Eduard kit, decals are a mix of Begemot and Blue Rider, painted with AK RC AII Green and Blue. Used 0,4mm plastic rods for the landing gear retraction cables. Build [...]

MiG Alley

Friends, it's been a long time since we last met. Let's send these small planes this time.

1/48 Tamiya Il-2 Shturmovik

Finished the 1/48 Tamiya Il-2 Shturmovik. It's a great kit - Tamiya's excellent kit engineering makes it very fun to build. I added riveting to the airframe with a rivet wheel, used Eduard's photo etch for the seatbelts, and also [...]

Video: EDUARD MIG-21RF Fishbed 1:48 Build

Siemens-Schuckert D.III, Eduard, 1:48, Vzfw. Fritz Beckhardt. Kesta 46, 17 victories.

Pleasant construction, only the placement of the lower wing is a little more difficult than with the older edition of this model. Also, the color of the lozenges of the upper surfaces seemed a bit questionable to me, but then I saw a [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 P-51D Mustang

In one of my earlier posts I'd mentioned I had build several Accurate Miniatures, Eduard, Airfix, Monogram/Revell, and Tamiya P-51's but not a Hasegawa kit. That is until now and it is a decent kit IMHO. The cockpit is adequate but not [...]

Oblt. Armin Faber's Fw190 A-3

On the evening of June 23rd 1942 Oblt. Faber landed on an airfield he thought was in western France. It turned out he was landing at RAF Pembrey in Wales, thus presenting the RAF with a perfectly intact 190. After testing Faber's plane the [...]

Eduard 1/48 Mig 21MT/SMT

The Mig 21SMT was developed as a long range fighter/bomber carrying additional fuel in enlarged cells located on the spine and a more powerful engine. The modifications resulted with reduced performance and increased flight instability. [...]

MiG-21PFM-N from 2nd PLM at Goleniów c.a. 1973 ; Eduard ; 1/72

MiG-21PFM - representative of the second generation of MiG-21 aircraft. 132 aircrafts were used in Poland. 12 of them were in 94N version - nuclear weapons carrier. MiG-21PFM with the side number 7903 - most of the time stationed with [...]