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Eduard model kits

MiG-21R from 32nd PLRT at Sochaczew (c.a. 1987) ; (mainly) Eduard ; 1/72

MiG-21R - representative of the third generation of MiG-21 aircraft. 36 aircrafts of this variant were used in Poland. MiG-21R with the side number 1507 - one of MiG-21Rs stationed at the 32nd Tactical Reconnaissance Air Regiment at [...]

Rabaul Zero: Eduard 1/48 A6M3 Type 22

Field applied green camouflage on naval zeros in Rabaul is a source of diversity and a challenging painting style.

Pfalz D.III, Eduard, 1:48, Vfw. Hecht, Jasta 10,

This is Eduard's first Pfalz release and one of my early models, when I didn't use tensioners and made the strings from threads pulled from women's stockings. Vizefeldwebel Hecht's aircraft of Jasta 10, was forced to land behind British [...]

MiG-21MF-75 from 34th PLM at Babie Doły ; Eduard ; 1/72

MiG-21MF - representative of the third generation of MiG-21 aircraft. Quite numerous in Poland (120 pieces). MiG-21MF-75 with the side number 7399 - one of twenty MiG-21MF-75s delivered to Poland, produced at the Gorky factory. It was [...]

Fokker D.VII's

Hi All, Finally finished five Fokkers! Though a rewarding project, at times it was tedious (fiddly kit parts, keeping each build parts separated, lozenge decals) and monotonous (over and over steps X 5). I am pleased with the outcome but [...]

Albatros D. III, 253.09 Oeffag, 1:48, Eduard, Hpt. Miroslav (Friedrich) Navratil, Flik 3J, 10 victories

A very nice model to build. I only removed the engine cover as they flew in the hot summer months. I retrofitted the engine with a few details. Next, I removed the surface detail on the fuselage and the bottom of the wings and put in new [...]

Wilde Sau Wurgers: Eduard 1/48 Fw 190A-6 and 8

The innovative development of the first German airborne radar on is a source for modelers to demonstrate different FuG antennae arrays. I used two Eduard A-8 kits to represent the initial and final Neptun radar antenna arrays on the [...]

1/48 Fw190A-4

Hello all. My 1/48 Eduard Focke Wulf Fw190-A-4 2/JG54 "Grunherz" Black 3 - unknown pilot. Nikolskoye, Russia May 1943. Eduard brassin engine and cockpit set used. Lots of cutting away parts and scratch building of exhaust panels [...]

Grumman FM-2 Wildcat 1/48 Eduard

This is one of the best kits from Eduard. I bought the limited edition Wilder Cat, where there are parts for one plane, but decals for two. Brilliant idea to buy overtreess. And that's what I did right away. I want Wildcat to have an [...]

Review: Eduard 1/48 Bf-109G-10 of Lt. Vladimir Sandtner

There were several attempts during the production run of the Bf-109G series to develop a “standard” model. The last of these was the Bf-109K-4, which appeared in the summer of 1944 powered by the 1,850 h.p. DB605D engine with a [...]