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Flying Green Dragon

This project started with my Mom seeing the Red Dragon I did a while back. She liked it and mentioned that she'd like to have something similar but not so spikey. 🙂 So, being the good son, I purchased this model from 'Lord of the [...]

Painting the Archduke of Mousin

This project came about as an offshoot of the recent Red Dragon project. As I submitted images of the Dragon to a painting contest, there were several variants of this guy submitted. I really like the idea of a little mouse community where [...]

Ancient Red Dragon

I purchased the .STL file from Lord of the Print a while back and the printed and assembled model sat on top of my computer for quite a while. I wasn't looking forward to fixing all of the seams, there was a lot of sanding and filling to [...]

Ork Warboss

I recently completed this project for my Youtube channel. The model kit was purchased as a downloadable .stl file from I printed it at 200% to allow me to add LEDs to both the weapon and the power box on the back of the [...]

Fantasy Miniatures

Collection of fantasy and sci fi miniatures in different scales.

Force Majeure

This vignette represents my thoughts on the unlikely, yet remarkable crossing of the two worlds of science-fiction and fantasy. I believe that the significance of the scene lies in the observers comprehension and ideas it will trigger. [...]

Hasslefree 28mm Barbarian

The second figure I finished from Hasslefree was this female Barbarian. She was a blast to paint. Small, a mix of textures and that great cloak. For around 10.00 it was a solid purchase. 28mm is very roughly 1/48 just as a general [...]

Zayna The Goblin Queen Bust

I got this a while back and overall like it a lot. Its a different kind of fantasy bust being a Goblin Queen. One complaint about Iter Miniatures is the final product is a little different than the actual mini. While it hasn't bothered me [...]

Verlinden Fantasy 120mm Resin “The Dungeonmaster”

Newest finished piece. This is The Dungeonmaster, a 120mm, 6 part resin kit from the now defunct company, Verlinden. I have had this kit for nearly 15 years, and finally decided I could do it justice. It was primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 [...]