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Fi-156C Storch, TAMIYA, 1/48

Fi-156C Roda VVKJ (Royal Yugoslav AF) 1941, eskadrila za vezu TAMIYA 1/48 + Quinta Studio Fi-156 Storch INTERIOR 3D DECAL (QD 48078))

AZ 1/72 Fieseler Fi 156C "Storch"

Hi There, This was just a nice kit and build, when you consider that it's the old Heller kit it's still very nice. Primed with Tamiya Flat White. Painted with Colourcoats FAA/RAF Yellow, Dark Earth, Dark Green, RLM 02, Tamiya Dark Iron, [...]

It's so cute, it just had to be built

I bought this kit at the show in Madison last weekend and I finished it today. It is such a unique aircraft that saw service throughout the war. In the hands of a skilled pilot, and under the right conditions, this STOL aircraft could take [...]

Rommel’s Taxi – The Tamiya Fieseler Storch 1/48th – Kasserine Pass Group Build

A popular decoding of ‘The Rommel Myth’ suggests that both sides in the Second War used him as a propaganda weapon, and that he was fundamentally a committed patriot quietly enraged by the restrictions placed upon Germany by The Treaty [...]

1:72 Heller Criquet

Heller's classic old kit, yes it has raised detail, yes the decals were nearly shot and yes it needed some engineering skills, but I loved every minuted of the build.