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The big and the small: Hobbyboss 1/72 Railway Gun 80cm K(E) "Dora" & Meng 1/35 French FT-17 (Riveted Turret)

Both kits have no building issues. The trench diorama base is provided with the model.

Renault tank FT-17

The worlds first modern tank at the armistice clairière in Compiegne France. The museum was remodelled in 2018 and features a most interesting display on the surrender of the imperial German army on November 11 1918 that ended WW1 and [...]

French light tank FT-17

When I ordered this kit, I had a completely different diorama planned but that was impossible to pull off. So, I built the included diorama for this kit just to have it as a placeholder for the tank, but it turned out better then I hoped. [...]

" La curiosité est un vilain défaut"

Been working on this the last couple of months, got the idea while thinking about what I could do with the Meng FT-17 kit that I had in my stash, wanted a "reason" to display it with all hatches open. The title roughly translates [...]

1/35 FT-17

Great kit from Meng! "the world's first modern tank." Was the precursor for modern standard tank design--– crew compartment in the front, engine in the back, and main armament in a fully revolving turret on top. Great kit from [...]