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Ta 152H-1 Revell 1:72

This was a model I wanted to build for some time, and finally got the chance to buy it while I was at Amsterdam. General fit was good, except in the wing/fuselage area, where there were gaps. The tailband was the worst of the decals, since it is[...]

Hasegawa Fw 190A-5 “Japanese Army”

This was one of Hasegawa┬┤s many special boxings of the Fw 190, this time including a single option for a Japanese Fw 190. The Fw 190 was sent to Japan from Germany thanks to a technological cooperation agreement between the two nations.

Stridsvagn m/21-29

May I present to you the oldest drive-able German made tank in the world. Fresh out of the Arsenalen workshops this m/21-29 is now officially rolling under its own steam. Sweden bought a number of German made LK II in 1921. The story is that the[...]

Bf 109 Down In Flames!

So I mentioned that I was building a Bf 109 and here it is. This is Revell Germany's Bf 109 K4. From the beginning of the kit I knew I wanted to have the plane all shot up and the pilot bailing out. I got the general I idea from Jack Mugan but a[...]