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1/35 Tamiya Jagdpanzer L/70 new tool

I built this a couple years back only to put it on the shelf as I really did not know what to do with it. FF to this year and a determined effort to reduce the shelf, here's what I came up with for this one. The kit itself was flawless in [...]

Recent work——Hanomag ss100

I spent a few days for modeling this kit especially these PE detail parts. Then waiting for a clear day for the paint. And last week finally finished the weathering works. I just shared all the photos during my processing. Hope you guys [...]

1/35 Tristar Panzer I

This is from a long time ago, perhaps as much as eleven years as I was just getting back into the hobby. I recall it being fairly fussy in assembly with large sprue attachments but good molding and a mostly complete interior. I was still [...]

Academy Tiger I with interior

This is from late 2018, the Academy Tiger I with interior. I've heard a fair amount of complaints about this kit but did not experience any major difficulties with it, I recall it being complex but not difficult. Fit was fine and it looks [...]

Ju Ef-127

Ju Ef-127 "Walli" Das Werk 1:32 Seat belts: Quinta Studio Decals Colors: AK

Work in progress on a Bocage base for the Tamiya Marder 1.

At the moment I'm working on the Tamiya Marder 1 and I'm putting it on a small diorama base, since I like showing these vehicles in their natural habitats. The model, figures and the base are not finished yet, but here are some in progress [...]

Arii / Otaki Fw-190 A8 1/48 (Dual Build)

A friend of mine gave me 2 of these kits because he was not going to build them, the fitting of the parts was ok, but the kit is poor on details. I decided to start a cool project by building both kits at the same time, one Out of the Box, [...]