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Admiral Graf Spee, a pocket battleship of the Kriegsmarine

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Trumpeter’s graf spee in 1:350

Graf Spee was the third and last of the "Deutschland Class" ships. In Germany they were referred to as "Panzerschiffe", which means "armored ships". In other countries they were called "pocket battleships" They were designed to be merchant raide[...]

1/350 Graf Spee by Academy

This is one of my earliest big ships and it was a joy to build. Despite Academy's heavy handed molding of the finer details, I found the model to be very satisfying. I was able to replace most of them with extra/alternate parts from the Drago[...]

December 17: 73rd Anniversary of the Battle of the River Plate

Trumpeter's 1/350 Admiral Graf Spee, done as she looked at the Battle of the River Plate, December 17, 1939. I remember seeing "Death In The South Atlantic", the US title for "Battle of the River Plate" in about 1957-58. Saw it in its restored[...]