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Further progress on the big B-17G – painted!

I ended up sitting this thing on a bar stool outside and walking around it to get all the paint on. Four different shades of Alclad, and it took half a bottle of Duraluminum and a third of a bottle of White Aluminum for their areas. Decals nex[...]

WIP: 1/32 H-K Models Meteor F. Mk. 4 (test shot)

The H-K Models test shot of their new 1/32 Gloster Meteor F. Mk. 4 arrived Monday. Here is the result of about 3-4 hours of work today. The surface detail is very petite and realistic, even moreso than the B-17. The kit is simple and fit is s[...]

How big is big? the H-K B-17G in progress

So, how big is big? This is the H-K B-17G hanging in its storage area on the wall, next to a 1/48 Tamiya Lancaster. Those of you who have the 1/48 :Lanc in your collection think of it as a big model, yes? Not so much here! Ten days of detail[...]
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