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1/48th Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat USN PTO WWII

Late in the Hellcat mini informal GB, is one that I built when the kit was relatively new from Hasegawa. Around 1997 I built this one back in the day when the world wide web was still growing. The days when Fine Scale Modeler, Scale Modele[...]

Hellcats, Hellcats nothing but Hellcats

Hi there, a few days ago it seemed as if all Hell had broken loose, nothing but Hellcats were seen right here. So I thought let's wait a little while until hey all think there are safe again and then.... BANG! here they are back again, Hellcat[...]

Monogram 1/48 f6f-5k hellcat drone

Just saw another Monogram Hellcat posted here so I thought I'd post another. I added an interior with plastic card and a modified seat from a T-6. A cross member was added to the rudder post for the extra antennae and the post behind the canopy [...]

Yet, another Hellcat

Could not resist joining in on the Hellcat photofest.

More Hellcats…

To join the Hellcat parade, here are four from my shelves. Pic #1 1/32nd Hasegawa built as a F6F-3 Pic #2 1/48th Hasegawa F6F-3 Pic #3 1/48th Eduard F6F-3 Pic #4 1/48th Hasegawa F6F-5

My Hellcats, all in 1/48.

I posted several photos of the Eduard Weekend Edition Hellcat II a couple of years ago when I built it. I added resin wheels, straps for the drop tank from scrap p/e, and p/e belts. This is the best Hellcat kit available today. Very enjoyable[...]

Jumping in on the Hellcat theme…

This is a Hellcat Mk. I of No. 800 Sqn. FAA flying off HMS Emperor and flown by Lt. Blythe Ritchie. According to Eduard, he scored two and one shared Luftwaffe aircraft in this Hellcat. The Mk. I is the F6F-3 in Royal Navy service. This is my[...]

Hellcats, Hellcats, Hellcats, and MORE Hellcats…

A few of the F6F Hellcat models I've built over the years. All are 1:48 scale and they list as follows: 1st two pictures are Otaki's F6F-3/5 kit, built as a -3, flown by Lt. Alex Vraciu of VF-6, off USS Intrepid, (CV-11) Feb 1944. 2nd two, ar[...]

Hellcat theme 1/48 Hasegawa F6F-5 David McCampbell

As a continuation of the recent Hellcat themed articles, here's another one for your enjoyment tonight. This is "Minsi III", F6F-5 bureau number 70143. This is the plane in which he scored the last 23.5 kills of his 34 total. This is another o[...]

I love a theme…My Hellcat entry

Eduard's 1/48, done right after it's initial release. Prop and tires were replaced with Hasegawa items, and a true Details cockpit set used. The small decals are also Hasegawa. The finish represents a Lexington fighter flown by an ace from VF-16[...]