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Grumman F6F-5 Target Tow “One Hell of a ride Cat”

Here is my next cat, this time I've chosen a Hellcat in a rather unusual livery. During WWII several Hellcats, mostly refurbished models were used in the most exciting role as a traget tow aircraft. To give their pilots a chance for not being mi[...]

Grumman XF6F-1 Hellcat, the “Copycat” 1:72

Hi there, this week I will start with a little series of one of my favorite aircraft, the Grumman Hellcat. During the years I have built several versions of this aircraft and I will show you a few of them, that is if you like. And which one wou[...]

Grumman F6F-7 “One Hell of a Cat”

F6F-7 Super Hellcat Soon after the first appearance of Japanese Kamikaze in October 1944, it became obvious for the US Navy that they were in need of high performance “Interceptor” to counter this new and deadly threat. Work on the F8F-1 Bearca[...]

1/72 Eduard F6F-5

Eduard F6F-5 in 1/72 VF-87 on USS Ticonderoga. Used the prop from a Tamiya Corsair, Added a seat harness bracket made from fine wire, Eduard PE in cockpit, Gun sight glass replaced with clear plastic sheet, Quckboost guns and drop tank, Barracud[...]

Otaki’s Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat in 1/48 scale

This kit has been in my stash since before I had a stash! At the time Otaki kits were state of the art but this one served to provide a better cowl ring for a Hasegawa build & so just stayed put for years. As I was about to start on an Eduar[...]

1:48 Scale Eduard, F6F-5, “Hellcat”

Not going to get in too much of a chat with this one, as I already have written about their F6F-3. Same build experience with this one. Great overall detail most of the time, and could be improved upon in others. It's an excellent build, and [...]

1:48 scale, Eduard F6F-3, “Hellcat”

Decent kit of Grumman's fighter, and a pleasure to build. I thought it had excellent exterior detail. The prop was a little disappointing, as was the cockpit. I thought they could been better, but at least Eduard captured the look of the F6F.[...]

Completed models for 2015!

I managed to get four kits done this year. First is the Hobby Boss, 1:32 scale, Stormovik. This one was the single seat on skis. Good kit, with a couple of fit issues with the outer wing panels, but I enjoyed building it, and will build anoth[...]

Arii/Otaki 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat

This is the first model I've built in seven years! I have been so busy pursuing my career that model building was put on hold for a long time. Aries cockpit, True Details wheels, a bit of scratch building here and there, and a combination of old[...]

F6F-5 Hellcat Eduard 1/48

I`m calling it done: only thing left is to finish is the antennae mast(paint it). I made the straps for the drop tank and the mounts, replaced the gun barrels with needles and added wiring to HVARs( pigtails?). I`m not completely satisfied with [...]