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1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ho 229

Normally, I would add this article to the Work-in-Progress section, but this this thing is coming along so nicely that I thought it would be appreciated more here. This has been-other than the addition of HGW seatbelts and wood panel decals- a c[...]

Zoukei-Mura Ho 229 WIP

I started this a few weeks ago and have made some steady progress. This is the really wonderful 1/32 version. The level of detail in the kit is like nothing I've ever seen before. The wing is almost finished in the shot. I just finished it momen[...]

Horten Ho.229 1/72

Hello gents I would like to present my render of a cool little aeroplane i did a little while ago(but it is my most recent plane built). Its a Ho.229 from Revell, a nice little kit which screams for superdetailing. I did the inside tube construc[...]

Jasmine Model 1/72 Horten Ho 229

The subject of my avatar, this is the Jasmine Model 1/72 Horten Ho 229 'skeletal' model consisting of photo-etched stainless steel and a few cast metal parts. A beautifully engineered kit, it was an enjoyable project with the only grief being c[...]

Dragon/DML 1/48th Scale Ho229A-1 Flying Wing

This model started its life in my good friend Franks capable hands and then just sort of died and was relegated to the pile of “doom” in his model cave. Well, I spied it and asked him about what was up with it. His response was “I hate that th[...]

Dragon 1\48 Ho-229 Horten flying wing

The Ho-229 is a nice kit built OOB a few months back nice interesting plane something different for a change adds to the Luftwaffe experimental collection
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