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March prize has come… at last!

Hi all. First of all, I want to give a very very very big thanks to Martin and all iModeler stuff for think that my model was good enough for a prize. Then, I stayed on shock when see the list of available kits to choice. How thoughtfull. And m[...]

Model of the month August’18 (SE.5a)

Hello, iModelers! My award kit for August has arrived yesterday. A big thanks to the jury and iModeler team for selecting my model. Many of the models in August were excellent, and to become a winner in such competition, makes me proud even more[...]

The prize for model of Jul. iModeler the best!!!

Hello, friends! I got my prize for my model Tu-22KDP (! From the list of prizes that Martin kindly provided me, I chose the MiG-21MF 1/48. But I was very surprised when I saw in the package an [...]

iModeler August awards

At the beginning of each month the iModeler editorial team takes a look back to highlight some of the notable contributions to iModeler during the month that ended. Today I'm pleased to announce the results of our August retrospective... Due to[...]

iModeler July Awards

Once again it is time for our monthly retrospective - a look back at some of the notable articles posted at this site during July. First and foremost, July was an incredibly hot month for most of our members. Spending the days in an ice-filled [...]

the June Major Award

Hey Fellow iModelers! My "Major Award" arrived this week! It was pretty cool to be awarded model of the month for June. Thanks to everyone at iModeler for the award and all the kind comments from all my extremely talented peers. I’m lookin[...]

May iModeler Winner Prize has Arriveth!

Just received my award for the 1/32 Ho-229 I submitted in May. A big thank you to the judges for selecting my model. I built the BM version of this excellent AMK kit and have big plans for this one. This is probably one of the best kits I have e[...]

iModeler June Awards

A bit of panic struck last week as we realized that it's already past the middle of July and time was really pressing to conclude our monthly contest. Today, after numerous discussions but without further ado, it is my sincere pleasure to bring [...]

iModeler May Awards

Once again it is time for our monthly retrospective - a look back at some of the notable articles posted on this site during May. It was an very good month, with 158 new entries adorning the headlines of iModeler during the period, prompting an[...]

‘Best in Show’ – iModeler April Awards 2018 (Thanks!!)

I just want to give my thanks to the jury that voted my burnt-out Cab to be ‘Best in Show’, for the April Awards. Like I stated earlier, I was completely unaware of this prestigious moment. I was sent a p.m., congratulating me on my win. I was c[...]