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Finished models in 2020

Although this year has brought a lot of trouble to everyone, so it did not bypass my family either, with a couple of sad moments, thanks to this hobby, somehow a success to maintain "mental balance". I hope that the next one will be better, cal[...]

La-7 – Tiger Models – 1:Egg

La-7 Tiger Model 1:Egg Mr.Paint AMT-11 /AMT-12/ AMT-7 Self made base.

I can’t shake him! This guy is stuck on my tail!

Well someone had to post after Pavel's magnificent M-5......... Here is my little weekend glue bomb. This is Tiger Models LA-7, and it was a fun and quick build. Did I mention Pavel's magnificent M-5... Well I hope you enjoy my Komedy of errors.[...]

Eduard 1/72 Lavochkin La-7

Officially finished my 3rd model this year. This is Eduard's 1/72 scale Lavochkin La-7, initiated one year previously as a quick OOB project. It is one of Eduard's early mainstream kits and I regrettably rank it as one of the company's les[...]

Gavia (Eduard) 1/48 Lavochkin La-7

The Lavochkin La-7 was the ultimate wartime design of a line of fighters that began with the LaGG-3 in 1941. The LaGG-3 suffered from a heavy structure due to its designers unfamiliarity with modern aircraft design and the fact that the state o[...]