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Lindberg (Inpact) 1/48 Bristol Bulldog

This model was done in around 2003, having been purchased a couple years earlier. Finding the SMER kit with the better decals at an "aftermarket decal sheet price" prompted me to pull the kit out of the closet and proceed. The Bristol Bulldog [...]

UFO’s–Serious Business!

At least they were to a young modeler in 1958. The Lindberg "Flying Saucer" was a big deal to me and was my first model I was allowed to build all by myself. Like many kids of the 1950's, I was a big fan of space "Sci-Fi" either in movies, TV, o[...]

My first love: Lindberg F-86A Sabre Jet.

This was my first love in 1958. I was 10 years old. This is the box top I remember. I don't have the model kit anymore, but thanks to the Internet I was able to retrieve good old memories. There is an anecdote to this story. In 1958 I had to [...]

YAMATO, World’s Largest Plastic Ship Model… least in 1970 it was. When stationed in Boston, Massachusetts I took a walk to the local hobby shop and purchased this kit. At a whopping' 40" in length, the YAMATO was a handfull as I carried it back to my ship along crowded city sidewa[...]

“Trick or Treat” 2

The Zombie Killa II, as promised, was the mate to ZK I. This one was "designed" to compliment the other, and pack the punch. Again, a Lindberg Sd.Kfz 222 was the starting point. Lowered front end (only) opened rear engine vent filled in [...]

“Trick or Treat” I

In celebration of one of our more infamous holidays, Halloween, I thought I might kick things off with a pair of Zombie Killas. I'll start off with Z.K. I, next post, Z.K. II, and finally the two, together. By the time it's finally over, [...]

1/72 Lindberg Heinkel He-219

What do you do with a Lindberg kit ? What do you do with one that's missing parts? Can't give it away, or sell it, so just have some fun with it ! Take a color you have little use for, some decals, you don't need and build a hypothetical r[...]

1/48 Lindberg Goose

I can never get enough seaplanes and amphibs ! As old and as crude as this kit is, it still builds up into a fair looking model. Being a lindberg, the price is right, even if the detailing is not. There's no interior to speak of, but you re[...]

When the US Air Force had a Navy!

This is my rendition of the old (and I do mean OLD) Lindberg Models 1950's era USAF air/sea rescue boat. I built a similar model as a youngster and couldn't figure why it didn't include torpedo tubes like my Revell PT boat. It was a mystery to m[...]

1/48 Lindberg JN-4D Jenny

Time for another walk down memory lane, the Lindberg Jenny. My inspiration for this scheme was the Jenny at the Old Reinbeck Airdrome, in upstate New York. I could find no proof of the US Navy ever usung this scheme, and the tail markings are [...]