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It's finally finished!

It's finally finished! Nothing in particular to add except that I followed the details of what I found online especially in reference to the nice article by Dave Hansen ( @davidhansen ) ((link) and (link)). The effect is completely [...]

Review: Magic Factory F4U-1 & F4U-1A Corsair, 1/48. 'A New Line of Plastic Corsairs on the Horizon'

I recently got round to finishing these pair of Corsairs from Magic Factory's new tooled set, this set is a dual-combo build of an F4U-1A and an F4U-2 Nightfighter but with minimal effort the -2 can be reverted to a -1 which is what I've [...]

Corsair(S)... update

Make another post to update on the progress of the work on my 4 Corsairs... In particular this is the first (F4U-2). I'm experimenting with the painting process which for now has included a gloss black base and chrome finish for the metal [...]

2nd back to hobby... Corsair

Hi! After a long time I'm returning to my favorite activity... I'm trying my hand at the new Magic factory box. I took two and I'm trying to make them with a combination of variously arranged wings, I hope you like it... I'll keep you [...]

Magic Factory F4U-2 Corsair. 1/48

F4U-2, "White 212", Midnite Cocktail. On April 14, 1944 flown by Capt. Howard Bollman USMC shot down a Mitsubishi G4M near Kagman Field, Saipan. Wanted to try this Magic Factory kit and was very pleased. Excellent full kit [...]

Review: Magic Factory F4U Corsairs

The F4U Corsair was designed by Vought Aircraft in response to a 1938 BuAer RFP for a fleet defense fighter. The prototype appeared in 1940, the first fighter to be powered by the new Pratt & Whitney R-2800, 2,000 hp radial engine. In [...]

Review: First lookMagic Factory F4U-1A / F4U-2 Corsair

Photos to come later. This is first impressions: Most important: don't believe the voices over at Hyperscale. The kit is not unbuildably wrong - not as much as the usual critics are unreformable. The rivet pattern in the wings they are all [...]

New 1/35 Nato weapon sets from Magic Factory

New 1/35 Nato weapon sets from Magic Factory, it's said to be released May some time.