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That's what I would have liked to experience: a P5M Marlin taking off!

It must have been a breathtaking experience when a thirty-metre-long flying boat, like this Martin P5M Marlin, made the water spray under the roar of its 3500 hp Wright 3350 engines running at full power to get the 36 000 kilos of maximum [...]

1/72nd Hasegawa P5M Marlin

This is my 2010 build of the old 1/72nd Hasegawa kit of the P5M Marlin patrol seaplane. It's built just as it came in the kit with the exception of the markings which were replicated from a photo. The kit itself is old dating back to the [...]

1/72 Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin

This model is special to me, because I actually flew in the real one several times "back in the day." "Seashell-5" (her call sign) was with VP-40 for most of her career. I most particularly remember the most [...]