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Mirage 2000 N Heller

It's my last building...i've finished it today... old 1/48 Heller kit build from the box, old but good curves of the Dassault plane; no after market kit...paint with Tamiya acrylics , the decals are very old and few silvering on top of the plan[...]

The 1/48 Mirage F1C-200 from Esci

Hello everyone, after the Mirage IIIC, I present the Mirage F1C-200. This is the old model Esci 1/48 on which I added landing metal FM brand trains. The pilot resin is PJ brand. Thank you again and good weekend to all.

The 1/48 Mirage IIIC from Eduard

To continued my french serie i present my Mirage IIIC from Eduard. It was a real pleasure for me to build this kit. I corrected the height of the main landing gear leg by removing 3 mm of shock absorbers. This gives him a better position on the [...]

The French Air force Mirage 2000 C 1/48 from Heller

Hello everyone, I present to you a new series of models that I made in 2004-2005. To begin with, I propose a Mirage 2000 C 1/48 Heller. It is accompanied by a characteristic small tractor equipment met in the parking airbases. I have chosen for[...]

1/72 Heller Mirage

This was another club project, to be done anyway we wanted. I went to and went through Mirages for something that would be fun, Here you go.......

Confederate States Air Force Mirage F-1

What if? What if the Confederate States of America had survived the American Civil War? What if the CSA had survived right up into the present? Well, that's the premise behind this aircraft. I created a scenario in which today's CSA co-exist[...]