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Airfix 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang – Kit Review

This is a review of the new (2017) Airfix model kit of the ever popular P-51D Mustang in 1/48 scale. Box number is A05131. I suspect we don´t need to waste any time and space on the P-51 history so we go straight to the review. The kit is moul[...]

Charles M. McCorkindale’s P-51B

Tamiya P-51B to do the P-51B "Betty Jane" flown by Charles M. McCorkindale, CO of the 31st Fighter Group in Italy, around June 1944 at the end of the Battle of Ploesti. McCorkindale joined the USAAC in 1936 and flew P-26s with the 20th Pursuit G[...]

With the overwhelming number of votes in favor of P-51Bs….

OK, so three votes out of five. It's a 60% majority! "Alice-Jo" of the 332nd FG "Red Tails." An ace of the 325th Fg (whose name escapes me at the moment) told me that they were very upset to find out the 322nd was getting their "hand-me-down" [...]

Now for a P-51B

Personally, I like the P-51B better, mostly for its look. This Tamiya P-51B was done with Aeromaster decals and the Falcon Malcolm hood to do Don O'Hara's "Shillelagh" of the 353rd FS, 354th FG. As a wingman and element leader from April 1944 t[...]

“Mrs. Virginia” P-51A

Due to a few air-to-air photos, "Mrs. Virginia" a P-51A of the 1st Air Commando Unit is well-known. The big thing with doing a model is to get the built-up exhaust staining. This is the result of leaning the engine to provide range. If you exa[...]

Classic Airframes P-51H Mustang

A review from back in 2005: The original Allison-powered Mustang was a lightweight fighter with excellent handling capability. Pilots I know who have had the opportunity to fly these early Mustangs and compare them with the later Merlin-powere[...]

Another Tamiya P-51D

The 353rd Fighter Group hasn't gotten a lot of love from the decal makers. This is Group Commander Glenn Duncan's "Dove of Peace X." Duncan was shot down over Holland in "Dove of Peace IX", a P-47D, in the fall of 1944 and was hidden by the Res[...]

Tamiya P-51K/Mustang IV

Tamiya P-51D turned into a P-51K using the Aeroproducts prop blades for the Eduard P-39Q (4-blad) prop and Red Roo decals with Falcon "Dallas" canopy. 3 Squadron RAAF in Italy, Spring 1945. Most RAF Mustang IVs came from the P-51K production, bu[...]

Tamiya P-51Ds of the 357th FG

Here's Old Crow in the later scheme after the camouflage paint was removed. Also John B. England's "Missouri Armada" (with individual ID letter wrong - never trust decal instructions!) and Calrence Weaver's well-known "Passion Wagon." Again, Tr[...]

Tamiya P-51Ds of the 354th Fighter Group

These were done around 2002-03. True Details cockpits and Falcon canopies. "Eagle" Glenn Eagleston was one of the original pilots in the "Pioneer Mustang" 354th Fighter Group and the group's top-scoring ace. "Eagle" with its beautiful strikin[...]