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Consolidated PBY 5 Catalina, A24-17, 11 Sqn RAAF Cairns Qld 1943.

1/72 Academy, my first Catalina, not counting the the Airfix kit built many years ago, I modified a few things and added some antennae, finished in Humbrol and MM enamels with Future and MM FS30000 acrylic over ES decals.

Air France Catalina

This is another addition to the “Water Wings” Group that I did a while back. Bear with me I will have to enter each photo individually to post them. Hope it works. This is another restoration of a model for the gentleman that collects airline a[...]

Monogram 1/48th PBY-5(A) Catalina

Here is another "desk top" styled gift for a friend who crewed on these in the U.S. Navy in the late 1940's. 1/48 Monogram PBY-5(A) Catalina.

A Catalina for my Dad.

Having only just joined this site, I was/am a little reticent about posting an article in to 'Headlines' - it seems a little 'pushy' to me. However a couple of the guys suggested it would be fine and it's likely a few more folks may see it here,[...]

Martin PBM-5 Mariner “FRISCO D is for Dog” 1944

In keeping with my modelers eye for the usual plane with an unusual paint scheme, I present the Mariner flying boat Air-Sea Rescue version. While as never popular or built in the same numbers as the PBY "Catalina", the Mariner saw service as a p[...]

Consolidated PBY-4 Academy 1/72

While waiting for stuff for my Phantom build to arrive, this kit was given to me by a good friend. The camo intrigued me, so I decided to build it. The airplane represents a Catalina of VP-101 stationed in the Philippines just after Pearl Harb[...]

PBY-5A Catalina – Black Cats VP-81 ‘Nite Life’ – New Georgia 1944

This is the 1/48 Monogram kit, purchased as the -10A post-WWII Rescue version. I thought a colourful scheme of internediate blue-over-white finishes, with bright red and yellow bands, would make a big impression as a scheme. When I opened the b[...]

1/72 Academy PBY 5A “Black Cat”

Who doesn't like seaplanes and amphibs? Academy makes a nice looking series of PBY's. I had seen the weathered "Black Cat" version, and just had to give it a try. This is one I really feel looks better in person, than the photos. (Too much [...]

PBY-5A US Coast Guard 1952

This is a version of Monogram's 1:48 scale PBY- 5A. Most builders construct this kit in typical WWII fashion but I wanted my plane to present a different appearence. The USCG started flying Catalinas in the 1930's, (the flying boat version) and [...]
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