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Classic Airfix Typhoon (1959) Tweaked Just a bit

One this kit I used a replacement Falcon vacu-form canopy, a prop and wheels from the Academy kit. Paint by Tamiya. Even thought it is over 60 years old it does scale well on a Bentley plan. This was a simple and fun build.

Classis Kit: Original Airfix 1/72 Defiant (1960)

When I looked at the kit I knew there was something wrong with the nose outline so I sat aside. Later at a show in a sale box there a resin nose by DB Productions for the Airfix Defiant for $1. I remembered my Airfix kit so I bought and put it[...]

Classic Kit: Revell 1/40 Skyraider (1958)

This is another one of my out of the box builds. It is the 1/40 Skyraider. Note, It is not a box scale kit. Revell issued other models in this scale including all their armor kits from the era. I tried to post the building process but the sy[...]

Classic Kit: Revell 1/72 B-26 H-111 (1966)

The box art on Revell's early 1960s kits was top notch including this one. Most of us kids learned of Flak Bait and it's exploits from the small blurb on the instruction sheet. On this kit I did some minor updates since I had extra parts. I u[...]

Classic Kit: Airfix Do217 (1960)

This is the Airfix Do217 first issued in 1960. It came packaged in a small box and molded in light blue plastic. The model is built as the instructions indicated without alterations and painted with the paints recommended by Airfix. The harde[...]

Classic Kit: Airfix 1/72 Me-262 Kit # 110 (1960)

When Airfix issued their new Me-262 kit I decided to build the original kit for a fun comparison. It is built out of the box and I used the second set of markings from the new kit. As most early kits from that era the parts count is low.

Classic Kit: Monogram 1/48 P-38 First Edition (1964)

Here is Monogram's P-38 built out of the box. This is an original first edition, kit PA97-200, and as the code shows it was priced at $2.00. Later boxings of the kit showed yellow cowlings, but on this one I painted it as the instructions indi[...]

Vintage Monogram 1/72 F-105B (1958)

First issued in the late 1950s Monograms F-105B included moving parts and a pilot that could be ejected. This is a later version without those features and showed an F-105B in Vietnam. The first time I built this kit was in 1973 and brush pain[...]

Classic Kit: Hawk 1/48 Lockheed T-33

This is the HAWK which was first issue in 1958 and Testors last issued it in 1989. It is marked with Caracal decals for a Langley AFB hack. The cheat line should be blue and not black, but that's what Caracal provided, and like many mistakes I[...]

Vintage: Lindberg 1/51 F-94 Demonstrator (1954)

This is an oldie and dates back to early 1950s. Heck it's older than I am. It does not look like much in the box but I thought lets build it anyway. The only thing holding me back were markings. Due to the scale finding decals were a no-go [...]
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